HTC Curriculum Statement 

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We aim to achieve excellence in all that we do. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and innovative providing opportunities for students to excel as well as preparing them to be well rounded, caring, responsible citizens who display British Values in order to contribute and enhance the society and community in which they live wherever that may be.

Our core British Values are:

  • Democracy.
  • Mutual Respect.
  • Tolerance.
  • Rule of Law.
  • Individual Liberty with responsibility.


Our curriculum is mapped across all Year Groups and is integrated with our assessment and reporting system.

We actively promote  ‘cultural capital’ by offering a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular clubs, trips and activities open to all so that they can experience life outside the classroom that enriches their educational development. For example Year 7 are normally offered (amongst other things) to participate in ‘The Battle of Hastings’ re-enactment which usually involves camping out, team building and leadership activities culminating with the 1066 re-enactment.  In Year 8 students are offered experiences at the Science Centre in Winchester, Marwell Zoo and Futuroscope amongst other things.  In Year 9 students normally are able to visit Bletchley Park for some code breaking activities as well as options to be involved in our Greenpower event that transcends across all of Key Stage 3 (Years 7–9).

In Year 10 we recognise the importance of continuing a culturally rich curriculum offer and extended activities continue including the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Cologne Christmas Markets to try out their German Language in situ and Oxford University for aspiring graduates.  In addition, all students are offered Work Experience and normally they are able to visit our Further Education institutions through a ‘Federation Wide’ programme.


In Year 11 students are focussed on their examination courses but are still offered a full extra-curricular programme of sports, clubs and revision boosters from a wide array of subjects and can still participate on the numerous trips and visits on offer such as the annual trip to London to encompass medicine through time & Elizabethan England; Tower of London, Science Museum, Nightingale Museum, Hampton Court Palace rounded off with a potential Theatre experience.

If a student is in receipt of free school meals and wishes to participate in the enrichment activities, we normally arrange a discount but also plan a cultural experience for each pupil premium Year Group and heavily discount rates or offer free of charge.


We recognise the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum across all Key Stages but also the importance of a strong core to ensure ‘the basics’ underpin learning for a solid foundation on which to progress.  To this end we look to overstaff in these areas reducing class sizes so more attention can be afforded to those who need it.  This is in the classroom as well as through withdrawal support by specialist English and Maths Teachers in addition to SEND support as necessary.

Key Stage 3

A transition programme from primary to secondary school marks the start of this important Key Stage.  We look to build and develop on the skills and knowledge our young people have learnt in Key Stage 2 which will support their success throughout Key Stage 3 and into Key Stage 4 and beyond irrespective of the pathway they may choose.  When the children arrive from primary schools, we have seen a ‘thirst’ for specialist education in the various subject areas.  As such all students follow a core curriculum consisting of English, Maths and Science, Physical Education and Personal Social, Health and Careers Education plus all ‘EBACC’ and foundation subjects.  Bespoke support is provided for students with SEND as well as specialist support for children in our Autistic Spectrum Disorder Resource Provision although ultimately, we aim to integrate all our students in the full curriculum to develop their academic as well as social skills.

The curriculum is mapped, and students are assessed across and throughout Key Stage 3.


Key Stage 4

Being a relatively large school, we are able to offer a wide range of subjects at KS4 so that students can choose from a range of accredited qualifications to suit all abilities, interests and learning styles.  We bespoke some courses and activities for individual students to best meet their needs involving our own, on site, alternative provision and enrichment curriculum as well as other external providers.  We monitor this closely.

All students follow the ‘core’ (English Language, Literature, Maths and Double or Triple Science, PE and Personal Social Health, Religious and Careers Education) and each student has their own individualised Option Choices Booklet created on recommendations from their Teachers based on performance at Key Stage 3.  All students have the opportunity to choose an ‘EBACC’ style of curriculum, but it is not imposed on them as we believe in the British Value of individual liberty with responsibility.  Extra time is afforded to English, Maths and Science while the College’s flexible approach to the Options process allows students to sit two qualifications at the end of Year 10 with further choices being completed in Year 11. Whatever route an individual chooses it is intended to meet their needs and aspirations and provide progression to Post-16 education, training and beyond.  We ensure that students follow a balanced curriculum which will equip them to compete and contribute to a rapidly changing world.

All students are assured of at least one independent ‘one to one’ careers advice while those that want or need more are afforded this.  This helps to ensure students are guided towards the pathway which best suits their plans and aspirations.  Students in KS4 are set according to academic ability in the core while Options are largely mixed ability.

The curriculum is mapped, and students are assessed across and throughout Key Stage 4.



We aim for individuals to achieve excellence in all that they do and collectively to be a great school.  This is both academically, socially, artistically, creatively and sportingly.  We celebrate and value success of all kinds as represented by our ‘Honours Boards’ in Department and assembly areas.


The impact of the curriculum is measured in terms of standards achieved, based against age related expectation, progress made, and personal qualities acquired.  The impact of our curriculum is seen in:

  • High standards; consistently in line and above national.
  • Progress; consistently in line and above national.
  • Low Levels of NEET (Not in Education or Training).
  • Culturally rich and diverse curricular and extra-curricular experiences, which are memorable, worthwhile and inspiring.
  • Teaching, which is rigorous, personalised, reflective and inspiring.
  • Behaviour which is calm and orderly, courteous and polite.
  • Students that are resilient, questioning, enquiring and ambitious.
  • Students that are self-aware with well-formed characters and who have a thirst for learning and knowledge and see it as a route to maximise their life chances.


Our Tutorial and Assembly Programme covers statutory requirements of PSHRCE (Personal, Social, Health, Religious and Careers Education), and Enterprise Education. HTC promotes fundamental British Values and principles which all those living in the UK should respect and support. These values are reflected in the responsibilities, rights and privileges of being British that are based on history and traditions and are protected by law, customs and expectations. There is no place in British society for extremism or intolerance.

Withdrawal from all or part of RE



HTC is committed to providing outstanding impartial, independent careers education, information, advice and guidance for all young people. This commitment was recognised by the achievement of the Quality in Careers Standard in December 2018. This is a nationally recognised award and one of the highest accolades a school can receive for excellence in this area. The Careers Department seeks the support of its stakeholders for its application for reaccreditation of the Quality in Careers Standard in 2022.

Employer Engagement and Support

There are a range of ways that businesses, employers, parents/carers in industry, can work with us, including:

Advertise your latest job/apprenticeship vacancies with us.
Offer a work placement opportunity or a ‘live project’ for students to complete.
Provide site visits and tours to help students gain an insight into the ‘world of work’.
Offer Job shadowing opportunities.
Provide an employer masterclass to a group of students.
Offer Entrepreneurship competitions and opportunities.
Mentoring or coaching of a student or group of students.
Promote voluntary opportunities within your business.

Please contact us to find out how we can work together in the future; we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Your Careers Team include:

Mr A Gray – Assistant Headteacher/Careers Leader e-mail:     ext 205

Mrs A Cowey – Careers Co-ordinator e-mail:       ext 207

Mrs S Hall and Ms B Sztucki – Careers Advisers – Hampshire Futures Skills and Participation, Childrens Service’s Department
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