Wearing a uniform helps to give all students a sense of belonging. It encourages the development of a deep sense of pride in the College. A further practical advantage is that it avoids any competition in dress, which can lead to situations which are as expensive to parents as they are trying to the College. Governors have re-affirmed the requirement of a uniform at Horndean Technology College.

Items of School Uniform can be purchased in the Havant Skoolkit store, or ordered on-line from SKOOLKIT.
Second hand uniform is available to students. We have a storage of uniform that parents and students can access and please get in touch via your Year Leader if you would like to look and collect an item. We also hold second hand uniform sales throughout the year run by Parent Forum and you will be notified of these via College letters and Class Charts. Donations of pre-loved uniform are welcome to be dropped at Barton Hall Reception at any time.



The underlying theme is that students should travel to and from College in a fashion that does not devalue the uniform, or the esteem of the College.  Students are required to present themselves in appropriate dress within College at all times.

Failure to comply with uniform expectations will be challenged and dealt with appropriately. This may involve:

    •    –   withdrawal from every-day College activities.
    •    –   non-inclusion in College.