Horndean Technology College students have once again attained great results today with 70% of students achieving a ‘standard pass’ (new grade 4) in English (Language/Literature) and separately in Maths. Attainment 8 (the average grade across 8 subjects) was significantly higher than last year’s National Average at 46.2 demonstrating how students achieve and make good progress across a wide range of subjects by studying a broad and balanced curriculum.

There were many fantastic individual student results including Kate Taylor with 7 grade 9s and Molly Bruce and Lauren Salter achieving 5 grade 9s while Isabelle Knight, Abbie Collins, Kate Taylor, Molly Bruce and Lauren Salter all achieved 10 x 9 – 7 grades (A/A*) or equivalent. Boys were also successful with Samuel Bowers and Sebastian Cawte achieving 6 or more 9-7 grades. Also noteworthy was the achievement of the Y11 HTC Football Team who not only won the Hampshire and District Cups but academically all performed well with many exceeding targets! Toby Strickland achieved 6 x 7 – 9 grades and Jack-Jones Parker 3 grades between 7 and 9 (A/A*) or equivalent. The Captain of the team William Webb achieved a strong pass and above in all his subjects. Ethan Robb has secured a scholarship at Portsmouth FC. The sensational Swain triplets, Amber, Chloe and Jacob, all achieved 9-5 grades or equivalent in 7 or more subject areas. Reflecting the diversity of the curriculum at HTC, the triplets all studied different subjects ranging from Spanish to Business Studies, RS and Hairdressing; they will continue their studies together at Havant College.

These results are a fantastic accomplishment and show that students and staff have worked hard and are continually maintaining high standards, ensuring that progress made in English and Maths supports all learners. HTC meets the needs of all students, ensuring they make better than expected progress and attainment in many other subjects including Science, the Arts, Languages, Humanities, Sport, Computing and Technology and continues to be a high performing, state maintained, non-selective comprehensive.

Delighted Headteacher, Julie Summerfield congratulated the students’ achievements. She said, “We are extremely proud of these results as they demonstrate the excellence that both students and staff have achieved together. Students from HTC will have very promising futures as a result of their successes.”