Headteacher’s letter to parents/carers

13 July 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

This week students leave for the summer break, and we look back on a year that has gradually seen the provision return to a semblance of what it was like pre-COVID.  We have begun to resume a programme of extra-curricular activities including several excursions that enrich the learning and develop social skills for our young people.  This half-term has been very busy with over 10 trips including the Year 8 residential, visits to the Tower of London, Marwell Zoo and Thorpe Park as well as activities such as the Summer Concert and the whole College Sports Day.  It has been pleasing to see our students participate and enjoy themselves, in the process learning new skills and knowledge whilst being in a different environment.  This enrichment will continue to be part of the ethos that we have at HTC, to ‘Achieve Excellence’ in all that we do.

The last day of the academic year 2021-22 will be Friday 15 July 2022.  Students leave for the summer vacation at 11.55 am.  The College bus will be available at that time.

Return in September 2022

GCSE results for Year 11 and Year 10 students are available on Thursday 25 August 2022.  Information about how to obtain the results has already been sent out to parents.

Thursday 1 September, Year 7 and Year 11 students return at 8.25 am.  (The day will run from 8.25 am to 3.05 pm).  This will be the first day at College, and the timetable will fully start on the Friday with the rest of the College.  Years 7 and 11 are the only Year Groups on site allowing for the Year 7 Induction Programme to operate and for a specific programme for Year 11 as they start their final year.

Friday 2 September all Year Groups (7-11) return at 8.25 am.

During the Tutor lesson on the return all students will receive their timetables.

As of next year, Years 7, 9 and 10 students should enter via the front gate (Year 10 via the left-hand side as you approach the College and Years 7 and 9 the right-hand side) where their Year Leaders will greet them.  Years 8 and 11 are to enter via the back gate.  All students should then wait in their designated areas.  All students should be on site by 8.25 am.

Getting to and arriving in College

  • Students should walk or cycle to College if possible and avoid congregating.
  • The bus route 28a will not operate, this has been sent to those parents whose children regularly use the bus. Despite many discussions with the bus company, they will not be operating a service in the future.
  • If your child rides a bike to College they must wear a helmet to come on site. Mopeds, Scooters and Electric Scooters are not permissible.

Uniform and equipment

  • Students are expected to wear the full College uniform and bring their PE kit for PE lessons. Information has been sent to parents outlining the correct and acceptable uniform. A full list is available on the College website.
  • Students should bring their own equipment to College to include pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, Maths equipment along with their coat and bag. The use of mobile phones is not permitted on the College campus and will be confiscated with parent collect.

Standards and Expectations

Before Year 10 went on Work Experience and this week we have led assemblies for each Year Group.  We have looked at what they have achieved this year and asked them to consider their successes as well as areas that they would want to develop next year. We emphasised the importance of hard work, determination, and the will to want to succeed.  We also reinforced our standards and expectations that of being punctual to lessons, having the right equipment, working hard and not interrupting others and being always respectful to members of the College and wider community.  Students who work well and are respectful receive Class Chart points which they can use to purchase items.  The students who do not meet the standards and expectations are sent to Ready to Learn, this has been in operation for several years and for most of the students this is not something they encounter as they do the right thing.  We have a community to be proud of, one where we are highly supportive and work to ensure that every child is cared for, looked after, and educated to a high standard.  This is based on having high expectations of behaviour.

Summer Holiday

The next six weeks is a time when students can relax and enjoy the world around them.  We are sure some students will go on excursions in this country, abroad or stay within our beautiful and varied local landscape that offers much scope for adventure and discovery.  In the assemblies we have encouraged students to use their phones less and go out and try new activities, volunteer, or pursue a new interest.  This is another way in which students learn, develop resilience, and meet new challenges with confidence.  We encourage all students to use social media, play stations and phones less this summer and go out and enjoy our wonderful world.


Thursday 1 September 2022 – Year 7 and Year 11
Friday 2 September 2022-Friday 21 October 2022 – All students
Monday 24 October 2022-Friday 28 October 2022 – Half Term
Monday 31 October 2022-Friday 16 December 2022
Monday 19 December 2022-Monday 2 January 2023 – Christmas Holiday
Wednesday 4 January 2023-Friday 10 February 2023
Monday 13 February 2023-Friday 17 February 2023 – Half Term
Monday 20 February 2023-Friday 31 March 2023
Monday 3 April 2023-Friday 14 April 2023 – Easter Holiday
Monday 17 April 2023-Friday 26 May 2023
Monday 1 May 2023 – May Day
Monday 29 May 2023-Friday 2 June 2023 – Half Term
Monday 5 June 2023-Tuesday 18 July 2023


Friday 30 September 2022
Tuesday 3 January 2023
Wednesday 19 July 2023
Thursday 20 July 2023
Friday 21 July 2023


We have reminded students to keep themselves safe over the summer holidays.  Please find attached an updated guidance from CEOP on keeping your child safe on-line.

At the end of this year, we say goodbye to the following colleagues Mr Donaldson Peripatetic Music Teacher, Miss Wilkinson and Mr Landrum, Science, Miss McIntyre and Mrs Findlay, English, Mr Hughes RS, Mr Dryburgh Maths, Mrs Lawler Geography and Mr Gray Technology and Leadership Team.  We thank all staff for their invaluable contributions to the education of the students and wish them well for their future. We are fully staffed with specialist Teachers for next year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and restful summer break.  We look forward to welcoming your child back to HTC in September.

Yours sincerely
Mrs J A Summerfield