Parent Letter March 2022

Ref: JAS/sah

18 March 2022
Dear Parents/Carers

Standards and Expectations

We are always grateful for parental support and believe strongly that the partnership enables us
to achieve excellence in all that we do. We want high standards and expectations from all our
students, and we use the Ready to Learn room for different Year Groups at specific times to
reinforce where we need to. Students spend two periods and a break in Ready to Learn to think
about their behaviours and correct them ready to return to class. Whilst in Ready to Learn
students complete work from the lessons. The majority of students have never been to Ready
to Learn which is a reflection of students wanting to do the right thing and focus on learning.


We take every opportunity to recognize students and their achievements by awarding accolades
on ClassCharts which you as a parent can view. We also visit lessons and award ‘Gotcha’ cards
to students in the Upper School who are working particularly well for their exams, as recognized
by the Teacher.

We also celebrated before halfterm the success of HTC at the PETA Apprentice vs Dragons Den
Programme. Both teams did very well, and HTC were the overall winners, we are very proud of
the students who presented themselves and the College. You can see more information at the
following link

As we approach the halfway mark of this halfterm it is pleasing to report to parents that we
have recently had two positive visits from County Advisors. It is pleasing to hear students are
focused and keen to talk about their learning. The Leadership and Learning Partner Review visit
confirmed that teaching and support for students is of a high quality. When the advisor left the
site on Thursday she commented on the happy welcoming environment and that students showed
that they really wanted to be at HTC. We are also pleased that so many parents have chosen
HTC for their child next year and as the year has progressed students have moved schools to be
at HTC, it was mentioned only today how students settle quickly into the routines and become
part of the ethos.

Quality in Careers Standard
HTC is committed to providing outstanding impartial, independent careers education, information,
advice, and guidance for all young people. This commitment was recognised by the achievement
of the Quality in Careers Standard in December 2018. This is a nationally recognised award and
one of the highest accolades a school can receive for excellence in this area. The Careers
Department seeks support from all stakeholders for its application for reaccreditation of the
Quality in Careers Standard in 2022.

We are always grateful for the support that parents and carers provide, a successful education
relies on communication between all parties. If you have concerns or questions, please contact
the Class Teacher, Subject Leader, Form Tutor or Year Leader.

As Spring arrives, we look forward to further success for our students.

Yours sincerely

Mrs J A Summerfield