Results Week 2022

Ref:  JZS/sah

26 August 2022


Dear Students and Parents/Carers


Congratulations to all of you on making it through an incredibly tough two years in preparation for your GCSEs and Vocational Qualifications.  We all know how hard it has been at times, but also how hard you have worked.  You should be very proud.


As you receive your GCSE and VTQ results this week, we know that you may have many questions, and that there are a lot of conflicting news reports and articles about what may happen.


We have always known that this year was a ‘transition year’ between 2021 (when assessment was done directly by schools and colleges) and 2019 (the last year exams took place).  This means that overall grades will be about halfway between the two nationally.


It does not mean that marking was harsher – the marking was done by exam boards in the usual way.  Instead, it means that when setting the grade boundaries, exam boards have been more generous than in a normal year, to bring grades closer to 2021 levels.


This is also unaffected by any of our school historical data, including what our students got last year.  Marking and grading are done at a national level, with all students across the country being treated the same way.


You should already have a place at an apprenticeship, college or sixth form confirmed. Colleges and sixth forms understand that grading is different this year.  If you do not get the grades you need to study a certain course next year – do not panic.  In the first instance talk to the college or placement who can advise you on next steps.


Finally, remember that you are more than a grade.  The resilience you have shown under such remarkable conditions is outstanding.  You are all exceptional, inspiring, and talented young people, and we could not be prouder of you.


Congratulations again on your achievements this week.  We wish you all the success for the future.


Yours sincerely

Mrs J A Summerfield