Sports Day – Monday 27 June 2022

After a successful and enjoyable whole College Sports Day last year, the time has come again…


All students and staff will take part and must be in their House colours.  Please ensure that an appropriate t-shirt is worn (no vest tops etc.) as well as either navy blue or black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers. It would also be wise to bring sun cream, plenty of water and a baseball cap as it will hopefully be a sunny day!

Tyche – Red (Miss Clitheroe)

Athena – Blue (Mr Gregory)

Zelus – Green (Mr Macintyre)

Phoebe – Black (Mr Finlay)

Cratos – White (Miss Gudgeon)

Students will compete in House teams where there will be a variety of team games, track and field events. Team selections will be organised Period 5 on Friday 10 June in Houses.

If you have any questions please direct them to Mrs Whelpton – Subject Leader PE