Student Voice

At Horndean Technology College we pride ourselves on giving our students the opportunities to voice their opinions, views and beliefs within a respectful environment. We offer many different routes within Student Voice, in order for students to choose their area of interest. Miss Hughes is the Student Voice Coordinator and deals with the day to day running of this aspect of the College.

We are closely linked with our Rights Respecting working party, and often liaise during meetings or at conferences.
Our students are involved in all aspects of HTC life as well as the local and wider communities. This quote from our recent OFSTED visit sums up why our students make HTC ‘the place to be’.

“Pupils are proud of their school and appreciate all that it offers them. They wear their uniform smartly, talk enthusiastically about their learning, and treat each other and members of staff with respect. Pupils are keen to do well and are proud when their individual contributions are rewarded. This is an inclusive school community where difference and diversity are celebrated and embraced. As one pupil explained, ‘everyone gets accepted for who they are.’”

We firmly believe in all of our students at HTC, and Student Voice plays a vital part in making sure this is a view appreciated by all.

Some of the groups we offer to students are listed below. We encourage all students to take part, in order to broaden their views and beliefs. They promote confidence, resilience and provide essential lifelong skills.

| College Council  Tutor Captains Prefects |Peer Mentors Tour Guides Student Subject Leaders Charity Committee Eco Group  Multi Media Technicians

| The Prefects

Our Prefect system starts each year when students are in Year 10. Students listen to an assembly taken by the Student Voice Coordinator and current Prefects so that they are able to understand the role and duties associated with this high status position. Those that are interested make a written application explaining why they think they are suited to the role as well as informing us of what experiences they have. We have a trial period, whereby teachers and support staff are able to offer their opinions on the students. Attendance, punctuality and attitude to learning scores are also looked at alongside their written application. Only Prefects are able to apply for the Head Boy and Girl positions, which also takes place during the Summer Term of Year 10.
We currently have 26 Prefects in Year 11, about to start their busy exam period, and 29 Prefects who have recently become successful in Year 10.
Our current senior Prefects from Year 11 are as follows:

Head Boy and Girl: Ryan Gaudion and Laura Collier
Deputy Head Boy: Connor Frost
Deputy Head Girl: Amelia Spry

| Tutor Captains

The Tutor Captain section of Student Voice has been introduced this year, and is gradually expanding. The idea is that two students from each tutor group – ideally one boy and one girl, but not a necessity – assist their tutor with the day to day running of tutor time and beyond. Students put themselves forward for this role and an election process took place in order to gain a fair outcome. The role is as follows:

Will represent the tutor group.

Will lead by example (is on time, is well equipped…)

Will report to SSS if the tutor or other teacher is not there on time.

Will present issues or concerns to their tutor or year leader.

Will encourage and organise tutor members to keep the tutor room tidy.

Will collect money for charity days, checks who has paid and take the money to Finance.

Will help the tutor to hand out letters or information.

Will help the tutor to check planners and the equipment of their fellow tutees.

Will keep the tutor board up to date.

Will read out notices to the rest of the tutor group.

Will collect things in assembly on behalf of the tutor group.

Will be trained to complete received curriculum observations for tutor times and lessons.

| Eco Club

At Horndean Technology College we think it is important to look after our school environment to ensure that we have good facilities for staff, students and other users to utilise. We recognise that our responsibility towards the environment extends beyond our school grounds and we aim to minimise our environmental impact on both a local and global level.

Students are actively involved in this ongoing process. We have an Eco club which meets once a week to discuss issues and implement measures and action plans to raise awareness of environmental issues and to reduce our impact on the environment. This club is open to students from all years and we have an enthusiastic and dedicated group of students who attend this club regularly. Our main project this year has been looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption. Students designed their own campaign to coincide with the national ‘switch off fortnight’ campaign. This involved the Eco Club members delivering an assembly on energy usage and running a competition during tutor times to design energy saving stickers to remind people to switch off their lights when they are not in use. This has been a great su

| Student Multi-Media Technicians

The SMMTs help run the technical aspects of assemblies, operating sound, lights and projection in Barton Hall, the Old Hall and the Gym. The position is available to students at KS4 with students being trained to use the professional sound and lighting desks as well as setting up microphones. Some of these students also go on to learn how to use the portable PA and the recording studio in ‘The Live Room’ in M Block. Training begins in the summer term of Year 9 with students having to show a clear ability to be reliable, responsible and focused.

| Peer Mentoring

At HTC we recognise the value of peer support and peer mentoring as younger students benefit from having older students to talk to and to have as good role models. Year 9 students are invited to apply and are trained in the Summer Term ready to start at the beginning of Year 10. They always work in pairs and have the full support of the school counsellor. Peer mentors will be asked to give up a break time once a fortnight to meet their mentees and will also be asked to help with tours, transition from Year 6 and Open Evening.

| Equality and Rights Ambassadors

Our Equality and Rights Ambassadors represent our continued work on rights, equality and diversity. As part of our rights respecting agenda our students support the further development of a rights respecting ethos at HTC, working with staff and students to ensure our school community have their rights fulfilled but also understand that these rights are for everyone. Students work to ensure all aspects of our curriculum offer a breadth of opportunities to learn about rights based issues, prejudicial behaviours, individuality, cultural diversity – similarities and differences, to name a few.

Our EARA group will also contribute to our Tutor and assembly, INSET and staff training programmes. They observe and feedback on rights, behaviours, displayed by all members of our school community, around school site and where identified will develop ways to explore any areas where further understanding of rights is needed.

Students volunteer to become part of this incredibly important group and are committed and dedicated members of the school who support other schools in their rights journey and take on their own ambassadorial role throughout our County. They see the relevance of rights based work for them, in a beautifully diverse world which we live in and one which our young people will further contribute to in their future.