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We all know that eating healthily and exercising promotes good physical health but sometimes it is harder to know what to do to improve our mental health and wellbeing when we are struggling. Learning how to be physically and mentally healthy are important skills for the whole HTC community and this new section of the website is designed to help us do that and reduce our risk of becoming unwell . There are a wide range of tools and strategies to improve your own wellbeing as well as signposting to support you can access both in school and through charities and healthcare providers.

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Rousseau is now three years old and has been visiting Horndean since he was a pup, largely to support reading and emotional literacy.  For the last two years he has been working with a group of year 7 and 8 boys. We tend to take Rousseau for a walk during which time we have a chat about progress in College and then we focus on improving reading skills by reading aloud as a group. Rousseau has also supported a number of other students who have found interaction with him calming or spirit-raising. He is still very much in training and his time in College is limited at the moment to an hour a fortnight.



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